In the Beginning …

… was Tom Critchlow.  Reflections from the River is largely down to you, Tom, so a big thank-you for that.

It was Tom’s blog post on small b blogging that got me thinking. His advice is to write about the ideas that will be appreciated by the networks you are a part of. Don’t chase the big audience, don’t count the likes or the claps or the shares. That’s big-b blogging. Small-b blogging is ‘a virtuous cycle of making interesting connections while also being a way to clarify and strengthen my own ideas’.

Tom cites Venkatesh Rao’s calculus of grit which advises releasing work often, referencing your own work and reworking the same ideas again and again. To this, Tom adds that you should make your ideas addressable (so you can link to them by URL), gather them together in a single archive (rather than having them spread across multiple publications and domains) and make them memorable (in your own distinctive style).


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