Anna Shipman on Russell Davies’s Strategy Advice

My curation and re-prioritisation of the advice, as published by Anna Shipman:

  1. Strategy is clear, concise and catchy.
  2. Strategy identifies a handful of things we need to do.
  3. Strategy clarifies what we are not going to do.
  4. Strategy comes in multiple different versions: the slogan/tagline; the 30 second version, the 30 minute version, the full write-up and then, the communication: mugs, stickers, posters, etc.
  5. If you don’t have channels to discuss and manage strategy, set them up.
  6.  Strategy is not something to write in a quiet room on your own. Talk to people, listen to what they say, use their words, where possible.
  7. Don’t get too hung up on what the semantics of what is strategy, as opposed to principles, goals, objectives etc.

See also her notes on Richard Rumelt’s Good Strategy Bad Strategy.

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